2016-17 Hillcrest Theatre

There are still seats available for tonight’s FINAL PERFORMANCE of “Hamlet.”  They will be available for purchase beginning at 6:15pm at the door before the show.  See you there!

Don’t forget about our special PRE-SHOW “INTRODUCTION TO HAMLET.” This interesting and informative orientation will last about 20-30 minutes and will begin at 6:15pm on each of the performance nights.  It will happen in the HHS Little Theatre and is free of charge.  If you’d like to learn more about what to look and listen for in this production, why the play is considered the greatest piece of theatre ever written, and a little background on the story and the characters, come to this brief orientation that will surely enhance your theatrical experience.

Hillcrest’s 4-time State Theatre Champions and 4-Time National Shakespeare Competition Champions are excited to invite you to experience some of the greatest words and thoughts to ever be written down.

Using a swift-moving new cutting of Shakespeare’s script, 21 gigantic moving columns, 14 flat screen televisions surrounding the audience, and a cast of 46 award-winning actors, the story of Hamlet will come to life all around you in a sleek, physical, and modern production.