Audition for “Argonautika” – Monday, December 7



The Voyage of Jason and the Argonauts

A new Physical Theatre play based on the epic Greek myth

Monday, December 7

We are looking for men and women who can play warriors, goddesses, demigods, ghosts, harpies, giant evil wrestlers, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

No singing involved.  No previous acting experience needed. Beginners encouraged.

CLICK HERE for details on how to audition if you are a MAN

CLICK HERE for details on how to audition if you are a WOMAN

CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about the audition process

5 thoughts on “Audition for “Argonautika” – Monday, December 7

  1. Hey, Hillcrest Drama:

    I was very pleased to see that you performed my THEOPHILUS NORTH at HHS last year. Hope it was a grand experience for all, and I’d love to see some pix of what you did with it!

    Cheers and best,
    Matthew Burnett

    1. Hello, Mr. Burnett!

      Thank you for contacting us! Seeing your comment made many people excited. My sincere apologies for the delay in response; It took us a while to round up and organize the photos.

      This is the URL for the Dropbox containing all the pictures. The department performed the show in the style of the Frantic Assembly theatre company, and was a great opportunity and experience for all involved.

      Again, thank you, and we hope you enjoy the pictures!
      Hillcrest Theatre Presidency

  2. I purchased tickets on line, but was not given the tickets to print out. They cannot be delivered before the performance. Do I pick them up at will-call?

    1. When you purchased your tickets, you were given the option to print them out or pick them up at will call. If you marked the latter, then yes they will be waiting for you at will call tonight. Just make sure and show up early to pick them up! If you clicked that you wanted to print them off yourself, then they will probably not be waiting for you at will call. If you think they have not been emailed to you yet and should have been, please contact

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