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DUNSINANE Call-Back List


What a really exciting two days of auditions that was.

 The following lists are just people we need to see read for a couple of the lead speaking roles. We only need to read for 6 roles. Not all of the speaking roles will be cast from these people. 

THIS NOT A CAST LIST. If you are not on this list, it does not mean that you did not make the show.

Look for the final cast list either late Thursday night or early Friday morning. Remember to get your signed commitment forms turned in before 8:00am Thursday morning.




We will need to see the following people on Thursday in the Theatre Room (C202) at 2:30

I do not know how late it will go. You will be able to get your sides (the scripts of the scenes we will be reading) after 6th period tomorrow in Mr. Long’s room. You do not need to memorize the sides.


Be ready to read Side #s 1,5,6,9

Ella Willhite

Ellie Otis

Megan Wheat

Madison Parker

Karlie Dowding

Jewels Adderley

Cedi Christensen

Gloria Swenson

Kami Loertscher

Ashley Horiuchi

Annee Burton



Be ready to read Side #4

Sophia Luker

Aleisha Meier

Sarah Turpin

Grace Zito

Shannon Fassler

Maddie Elledge

All of the women called back for Gruach should also be prepared to read for Macduff if needed



Be ready to read Side #s 1,3,4,6,8,9,11

Chayden Oliphant

Luke Morley

Collin Voeller

Spencer Sanders

Coleson Eldredge

Syncere Bradford



Be ready to read Side #s 3,8,10

Chayden Oliphant

Kaelan Patrick

Spencer Sanders

Kyle Snowder

Sterling Larson

Luke Morley

Collin Voeller

Scotty Abbott

Coleson Eldredge

Ethan Pearce



Be ready to read Side #s 2,5,7,9

Oliver Smith

Ian Abbott

Zachary Jessop

Jared Guertler

Jacob Winegar



Be ready to read Side #s 2,11

Chayden Oliphant

Kaelan Patrick

Sterling Larson

Scotty Abbott

Steven Zheng

Josh Jessop

Michael Varanakis

Syncere Bradford

Quinton McFarland

Nikolas Vidal