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Dance Company Concert - Catharsis

Apr 15, 2021 – Apr 17, 2021

Dance Company Concert - Catharsis NOTE: Mask and Social Distancing required at all times for in person viewing.

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Dance Company Concert - Catharsis - Online

Apr 16, 2021

Previously recorded performance of the Dance Company Concert Catharsis. NOTE: What ever email that was used to create you Hillcrest Theatre account will be the email that we will send to link to watch the performance.

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Hunchback of Notre Dame

Feb 25, 2021 – Mar 1, 2021

The renowned Hillcrest High Performing Arts Musical is back! "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" is based on the Victor Hugo novel and songs from the Disney film. Be prepared for an incredible evening of entertainment, music, and human connection. Limited seating. All seats are distanced, and all patrons must agree to wear a mask at all times while in the theatre.

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Dec 10, 2020 – Dec 14, 2020

The Utah Premiere of this new play, which was a Finalist for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Drama, is a funny and upbeat re-telling of one of the first plays ever written in the English language: the Christian morality play "Everyman." This new take on the classic exploration of the meaning of life and death, written by up-and-coming genius playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, takes Everybody on a journey to find what they can take with them when Death comes to call. In order to thematize the randomness of death, and destabilize our pre-conceived notions about identity, the play is written so that each of the actors in the show have memorized multiple different roles (including the central role of Everybody), and the character they will play will be chosen randomly in front of the audience each night. Each performance will be a completely unique experience. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE: *The cast will be tested for Covid-19 before the performances and only performers who received a negative result will be performing. *All audiences must wear a mask the entire time while in the building. *Audiences are required to be seated at least 6 feet away from any other audience member who does not reside in their same household. *If you are not willing to wear a mask for the entirety of your time in the school, we still appreciate your support and hope you will buy a ticket to watch the live stream. *When you purchase tickets, please leave at least 3 seats between your selected purchase and any other purchased seats in your row. Don't worry about seats in front of you or behind you, as we have already blocked those seats out on the map. We reserve the right to move your seats if two separate parties have selected seats too close to each other. We will send you an email letting you know if we have to move your seats.

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Shakespeare Night 2020

Sep 28, 2020

Monday, September 28 at 7:00pm Live performances return to the Hillcrest Auditorium for Shakespeare Night 2020! Hillcrest's 6-time champion Shakespeare Team will perform the pieces they prepared for this year's National High School Shakespeare Competition. Short scenes will be performed from "Othello," "The Two Gentlemen of Verona," "Cymbeline," "King Henry VI," and a thrilling 10-minute adaptation of Shakespeare's great masterpiece "King Lear." Admission is FREE, but reservations must be made ahead of time. Fill out the Google Form to request your seats, and then we will assign your seats to you in your hillcresttheatre.com account. COVID RESTRICTIONS & GUIDELINES: *Masks must be worn by audiences at all times while in the school. *The auditorium will only be filled to 25% capacity. Once we hit that threshold, we will stop taking reservations. *All parties will be seated 6 feet away from other parties. *A party is considered to be people who reside in the same household. *Speaking performers will perform maskless after passing symptom and temperature checks before going on stage.

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